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Meet Clairy

Your Smart Natural Air Purifier

Clairy improves the quality of the air you breathe

Indoor air is up to 5x more polluted than outside, because of all the elements – such as furniture, building materials and coatings, synthetic apparel, cleaning sprays, cooking and pets - that are in the places we spend our inside buildings. Also, we spend 90% of our time indoors, considering both home and office times. The air quality, along with temperature and humidity, affects our environmental comfort, our working performance and our health.

Clairy is Made in Italy

Clairy is handcrafted in Italy, following an Italian design and it will bring style to your home and office. Available in the most fashionable colors for the most demanding lifestyles.

Clairy is WiFi connected

With the Clairy App and thanks to the embedded and powerful sensors, you will be able to remotely monitor the air quality of the location where your Clairy is, whether it’s your home or your office. Easy to use dedicated sections of the Clairy app will let you monitor your air quality, temperature and humidity over time: every day, every week or in the timeframe you choose.

Clairy is natural

Clairy is environmental friendly and it is handcrafted in Italy by the most famous area of ceramic artisans. Clairy works with very low electricity as its consumption is half a standard LED light. No filter needed, as it uses the power of the interaction of roots and soil to clean indoor air. We are committed to protect our planet.

Generate good air

with the power of nature
- 93 %
Less pollution in your environment
36 m3
Purified area by a single Clairy in 24h

Cutting edge technology meets nature

Clairy connects to Wi-Fi and through our app

Clairy connects to Wi-Fi and through our app

Clairy is a smart flowerpot, it connects to Wi-Fi and it can be managed with a proprietary app that works with smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the Clairy app, consumers will have a real-time experience, and you can manage your Clairy remotely, wherever you are.

You have real-time pollution analysis

You have real-time pollution analysis

Thanks to our latest generation sensor, Clairy tracks VOC’s in your air, the most common pollutants in closed spaces, and gives you feedback to help you breathe better and stay healthy.

Temperature and humidity on your app

Temperature and humidity on your app

Along with air quality, temperatures and humidity are very important factors to ensure a good environmental comfort. With Clairy you can monitor these parameters easily with the app.

You will love it

See what customers say about Clairy
Wendy Berndt
Brookpark OH, USA
Wonderful job!
I have gotten my clairys and just wanted to drop a note and let the whole team know that you all did a wonderful job on the product and letting us know what was going on in the process the whole time!! Thank you very much and I'm glad it looks like you had some fun times creating this!!!
Brian Jones
Richmond TX, USA
I will cherish them for years!
These Rame models are so beautiful and immaculate! I will cherish them for years! Thank you again Clairy Team!
Bruce Langner
West Long Branch NJ, USA
The best items that I’ve bought
Hi, Just to let you know that you did a wonderful job on this product.  It's one of the best items that I've bought on Kickstarter and I'm going to buy another one for the office. Thank you again.
Justin Keyes
Stormville NY, USA
I love it
Just got my Clairy :) it’s even better looking in person.
Bill Hettig
Winter Park FL, USA
Fan is quiet
Installed and operating. Fan is quiet. I set up in bedroom so I will have 8 hours of cleaned air each night. It is visually calming and feels like a member of my household in its quiet space.

Choose yours

Get your natural air purifier starting at $249

You buy 1 Clairy, we plant 10 trees

We’ve formed a strong partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organization that helps reforest the world in developing countries.

They’re great not only because we can all benefit from more trees and better air all over the world, but because they do it in developing countries, giving hope to the less fortunate.

We donate 10 trees for every Clairy sold, so that we can all benefit from more trees and better air.

Find out about Eden Reforestation Projects

“Clairy is a product that merges IOT with smart living”


“In light of the concerns over indoor air quality, this natural means to help reduce pollutants may one day become commonplace in homes and offices.”

The Huffington Post

“Clairy, a company based in San Francisco, aims to sensitize people towards green ethics and healthcare issues through the use of a simple, recognizable and innovative product.”


“Clairy is a little house plant in a Venetian ceramic pot with one important bonus: it can suck the toxins out of your air.”

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